Day 7 - Sakil

Well this is the last post for week one and what have I learnt.

  1. It's great to have your camera with you all the time as you obviously can get those opportune shots that you would have missed.
  2. I am certainly more conscious of looking for images that interest me.
  3. The X100 is a great camera for a Project like this.
  4. I have 51 weeks to go and I am very interested to see what happens on the journey.

Ok, below we have an image of Sakil. "Please step forward the real Sakil."

Have you guessed which is the real Sakil and why?



The image of the left is the real Sakil.  With the image on the right I have used the right hand side (as you look at the image) of his face and flipped it to create the left hand side of his face.  Then there was a bit of Photoshop magic to take a few years off.

I initially took the image of the left as I feel Sakil has an interesting face. Great eyes and a kind smile, and this certainly represents his personality as well.  Very polite and a nice all round guy.

So why did I take the image on the left?

I am trying hard to stretch my creative thinking, and I had never tried this technique, and I think the result is pretty good, not perfect, but hey none of our faces are perfect.  I am sure there is little things that we would all like to change.

Moral Alert! But we all know it what's on the inside that counts, right?

Until tomorrow