Day 8 - Faith + Movie

I started my day off as usual, looking for the day's image. "What do I like and why?"

Off all things, I ended up liking the razor wire that surrounds a Gas Plant. It's a pretty important plant as is supplies half the gas to Bangladesh that has a population of a 160 million people.

The back drop was an overcast sky.

The initial interest was what I thought razor wire represented. I say thought because i found some deeper meanings.

At first, I thought security, protect the plant from who ever. Then I did some digging on the internet and discovered the razor wire (or barbed wire) can represent faith, hope or salvation. These come from the thought of the crown of thorns Jesus was forced to wear on his head. Interesting you can decide.

Then I thought about the sun and it can mean divine life, power, strength, energy or simply life sustaining.

Finally the clouds in the Bible represent signify 'Divine Truth.'

Surprisingly the image took a spiritual life which I have tried to represent in the final image.

I have also included a short 52 second movie showing the creation of faith (that sounds a bit cliche ) from start to end. The numbers (finishes at 13) on the side are different snap shots taken during the editing. The image ended up with 21 layers and a file size of 1.65 GB, not bad from the original Fuji file of 67 MB.

I hope you enjoy looking at "Faith" above and how the image was made in the movie.

Until tomorrow.