The intention of the images below are presented so that you may consider how you impact your built environment.

It is my hope that by raising awareness of your impact on the environment, this will lead you to consider sustainable processes that benefit both you and the Earth that we entrust to our children.

360 deg view inside tank 002B

Recycle - what difference would it make to our carbon footprint if we all recycled just one plastic bottle a day?

Yesterdays' Energy - one day, not tomorrow or even in 50 years, people will look in history books at how we generated our power and think, how primitive and unclean. But until then, lets use the best technology available.

In 2013 the U.S Energy Information Administration projected world energy consumption will increase 56% by 2040.  'My Home 2040 - Earth Critical' explores one possible outcome if this energy growth is not managed sustainably through the depiction of ‘My Home’ meeting its energy demand at the cost of a decimated environment. “Don’t let the source of your energy define the future of your environment!”

The Wall. (2016) Crowned concrete wall with barbed wire, being swallowed by the live desert as it traps wind blown rubbish.

Waste. (2016) A collection of different forms of waste. Plastic bottles, masonry, wire, rubber tubes, masticated rubber and tyres joined to form a continuous abstract work of art.