My Journey from Obesity

Kuwait is officially the most obese country in the world.

With 42.8 percent (with an estimated 60 percent by 2020) of the population classified as obese in Kuwait, and 70 per cent overweight – it is no surprise that this condition has been plaguing generations of families in the state.
— Kuwait Times, Death by Obesity, 22/6/2017

I have been living in Kuwait for nearly three years and like many living here I have become overweight and unhealthy. After a visit back to Australia in December 2018 I realised that I needed a change in my lifestyle so I made an appointment to visit my doctor. During the consultation the doctor said I needed to lose weight and when my blood test results came back it showed I had high cholesterol and prediabetes blood sugar levels. When I returned to Kuwait I set out on a journey to turn things around, drastically.

My goals were to have a healthy body mass index, i.e. under 25, lose 15 kg and reduce my waist measurement from 110 cm to 91 cm.

The only good news was that my PSA (prostate) results were good, no problem there.

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