My Journey FFMI 22

FFMI stand for “Fat Free Muscle Index”. I had been looking for just one number to measure my progress, and FFMI does it for me. FFMI uses your height, weight and body fat percentage to calculate how muscular you are. The higher the number, the more muscular you are.

To see how FFMI is calculated you can go here and find out your number.

My goal is to reach an FFMI 22 NATURALLY, i.e. NO Steroids, which would place me in the 95th percentile. Go hard or go home as they say.

This is not a fast process. It takes up to four years of constant training and good nutrition to reach your goals.

 15th March 2019 | FFMI 19.8

3rd May 2019 | FFMI 19.9

14th June 2019 | FFMI 20.8

26 July 2019 | FFMI 21.08