Day 6 - The Wall

The obvious thought the came into my head today for the Project365 image is that you photograph what's around you, told you its is obvious.

You also need to 'see' what's around you, so you need look for images. I feel this has to be is a conscious effort.  The image is not going to yell out "Hey, OVER HERE!!!!". You need to be asking, "What is taking my interest", and explore, take plenty of images from different angles and then make a decision when you download the images.

'The Wall' is being built about 3 meters from the front door of my PAB room. But today, a small scaffold had been built for the workers to access higher points. With the scaffold in place The Wall took on an extra interest.

The Wall

The Wall

I had liked the texture, colour and rustic industrial feel, and now with the scaffold in place I had a natural frame to help draw in the eye.

I also made the conscious decision to crop the image with the 617 crop format. I feel that this decision right from the start, for me anyway made the image strong from the start. Must be something magic about the ratio.

I hope you like it. So far I feel this is my favourite image. Why? Because as I said above, it is saying what I wanted to convey to you, "I had liked the texture, colour and rustic industrial feel."

If you like the image, with your mouse, hover over the image and click Pin It, thanks.

Until tomorrow