Day 5 - PAB

After I completed my Cadetship at the North Mine in Broken Hill as an Underground Mine Surveyor I moved to Kambalda Western Australia to work for Western Mining Corporation (WMC) and lived at the Single Mans Quarters (SMQ) later to become the Single Persons Quarters (SPQ) to be more political correct.  It was a great life, work, gym, eat and sleep. That was was in 1982 OMG, I was 23 years old.

Well 31 years later here I am in a PAB (Personal Accommodation Block).

PAB, Bibiyana, Bangladesh

PAB, Bibiyana, Bangladesh

Life is good in the PAB, comfortable rooms, food that is too good and a choice of two gyms.

There is no deep meaning behind the image, I just liked the symmerty, while not perfect I'll take what I can get.

Until tomorrow.