Day 167|14-15

Artwork of the Day

Not having done a lot of off-camera flash photography and with the purchase of the some new gear I was inspired today to have a bit of fun. Thanks to some quick revision from the Lighting 101 course on David Hobby's site Strobist I quickly got up to speed.

The Final Portrait

Here I lay, withered, nothing left
At peace, my lasting image shared.
— Peter Smith

X100S, Off-camera flash on manual at 1/16 power, 1/125 sec; f/8; ISO 200

There is always something intersting around to get the creative juices going. We recently re-planted a big chilli tree that's doing it's best not to die, so a grabbed a chilli an put on top of an old chest which we turned into a kids toy box and the flash and some magic in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Set-up of Chilli shot with X100S and Canon 600EX-RT Flash

Set-up of Chilli shot with X100S and Canon 600EX-RT Flash

What I love about this image is it's simplicity, One light source directly over head and how the final image turned out. The beautiful texture of the chest and the light falling off but you can still see the hinge.

Off course the hero "Chilli" in it's withered state matched the age of the chest and with some slight Ambrotype toning and a green filter (to darken the red chilli) from Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 topped of the finished look and brought it all together.