Day 1 - Victor

While on the bus heading to Brisbane, and eventually back to Bangladesh I started to think about my Project 365 and the journey I am when I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting across from me.

I had noticed him getting on the bus from the aged care home and how well he was liked by the carers.

While sitting in the bus I noticed his hands and his walking stick. The hands had character earned from his experiences over his long life, and now a walking stick ensures he arrives at his new destination safely

I then started to wonder about His journey. Where he was from? What was his journey? and where he was going?

After a short time, I managed enough courage to go over and introduce myself and try and find out his story.

On my first attempt he must have thought I was a weirdo and he said he liked to "fly under the radar". So I politely said thank you and left him alone.

A few minutes later to my surprise, but delight he invited me back to share a small part of his story.

His name was Victor and he was born in 1923, he was 91 years old.  Victor had been a Lancaster bomber pilot in World War II. I guess he was around 20 years old when he had to pick out his crew of seven to eight and begin his 30 missions.

Victor was on his way to visit his son and daughter. I also though what a great job he is doing traveling alone at 91 and using an iPhone.

Well done Victor and thank you for sharing part of your story.

Victor, 91 years old

Victor, 91 years old

Until tomorrow.