Imagine Owning 'The Only One'

'The Only One' image is selected on the basis of it's beauty and being unique, impossible to reproduce. There will only be one original printed, protected by ARTtrust Artseal 3.

The Edition Size is One - AUD $5,750 (including GST)

The Story of MacDonnell Shower, the 'Caterpillar Range' – An Award Winner

The Australian outback is a strikingly powerful and beautiful landscape, and you are never able to predict what you will see. The spectacular section of the MacDonnell Ranges known locally as the caterpillar ranges is an outstanding example of an ancient landscape sculptured over time by climatic elements. I had wanted a panorama of the caterpillar ranges, and the best view was from the air.  Alas, the best-laid plans fell apart, and after being grounded by a ferocious storm and with time running out, I pleaded with the pilot to not go home for the day. It must have been the quickest flight ever; turbulence meant only one pass over the ranges. I just got one shot – and I nailed it. The range in all its glory and in the background the storm – a perfect example of how the elements do affect this ancient land.  This photograph is indeed a one and only!


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